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Introducing the "Fenghuang" collection, an enchanting ensemble of 12 haute couture long dresses that redefine elegance. Each gown is a masterpiece, adorned with ethereal feathers that cascade gracefully, capturing the essence of mythical birds. The collection embodies the spirit of the Fenghuang, a mythical Chinese phoenix symbolizing beauty and renewal. The dresses boast meticulous craftsmanship, featuring intricate feather detailing that adds a touch of whimsy to the luxurious fabrics. From the soft rustle of feathers to the vibrant hues inspired by nature, each gown tells a story of grace and sophistication. The "Fenghuang" collection invites you to embrace the extraordinary, where fashion and fantasy intertwine seamlessly.

12 Results

Black dress with crystals and feathers
Long dress with long sleeves, stones and feathers
Sleeveless V-Neck Long Dress
Sleeveless Dress with Stones and Feathers
Glittering crystals in green, blue, and silver on this sleeveless lace dress.
 Fancy lace, green-blue-silver crystals, and a cutout waist.
Crystal Dress adorned with red and green crystals.
Crystal Dress in luxury lace adorned with red and green crystals, featuring a regal design from bust to back and a feathered flourish from the knees.

Ruby Crystal Dress Embellished with Feathers


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Yellow Lace Evening Gown with Crystals and Feathers
Elegant Sleeveless Yellow Dress, Crystals, Feathers
Dazzling lace gown with crystals, a waist cutout, and vibrant pink and blue feathers.
Long feather dress exuding glamour with crystals, stones, and playful feathers.

Astoria Feather Dress Embellished with Crystals


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Elegant lace gown with crystal embellishments, long sleeves, and feathered waist detail.
Luxurious long dress adorned with crystals, beads, and delicate feathers.

Jade Feather Dress Embellished with Crystals


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Luxury lace gown with vibrant feather accents
Crystal-embellished gown with flowing feathers.

Azure Feather Dress Embellished with Crystals


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