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Mirrors of Mirage

Introducing "Mirrors of Mirage" - a breathtaking haute couture collection featuring 18 meticulously crafted, long handmade dresses. Each gown boasts unique designs, unified by luxurious metallic leather fabric. Majestic 3D patterns adorn every piece, elevated by embellishments such as mirrors, crystals, stones, and beads. Available in a stunning array of colors including silver, gold, red, blue, and more, these dresses exude opulence fit for red carpet galas, grand events, weddings, and royal gatherings. Revel in the allure of diversity and elegance with "Mirrors of Mirrage" - where sophistication meets unparalleled craftsmanship.

18 Results

Elegant couture dress featuring long sleeves, high neckline, and intricate stone embellishments.
Luxurious couture gown adorned with metallic leather leaf designs and opulent stone detailing
Elegant light pink dress adorned with stones and metallic leather detailing
Luxurious long gown in soft pink hue featuring intricate embellishments and 3D metallic leather design
Exquisite green dress adorned with silver and green crystals.
Long green dress featuring metallic leather 3D designs
Elegant black dress adorned with crystals and metallic leather.
Luxurious long black dress featuring intricate crystal embellishments and metallic leather accents
Elegant brown dress adorned with black, brown, and gold stones and metallic leather details
Luxurious floor-length brown gown with intricate stone embellishments and metallic leather bodice design
Elegant one-shoulder green dress adorned with crystals and metallic accents
Luxury lace green dress embellished with stones, tassels, and metallic leather bodice
Gold sequin lace dress with crystal embellishments
Elegant long-sleeved gold gown with metallic leather corset detail
Stunning Orange Dress with Crystal and Metallic Leather Embellishments
Elegant Long-Sleeve Orange Dress with 3D Floral Designs
Gold Dress with Beaded Embellishments
Luxurious Off-Shoulder Gold Dress with Metallic Leather Detailing
Blue dress adorned with blue and silver crystals on black fabric
Elegant blue dress with metallic leather 3D designs on bodice
Pink dress with long sleeves and lace fabric
Elegant pink dress with gold details and 3D metallic leather embellishments
Strapless Gold Dress with Beaded Lace Detailing
Elegant Sleeveless Gold Gown with Metallic Leaf Embellishments
Red Dress with Crystals - Elegant Evening Dress
Luxury Red Lace One-Sleeve Evening Gown - Exquisite Design
Gold dress with intricate lace and mirror embellishments
Luxurious long gold dress adorned with metallic leather accents
Stunning Red Evening Gown with Crystal Embellishments
Elegant Red Dress for Formal Occasions
Elegant silver dress adorned with stones and crystals
Luxurious silver gown featuring intricate metallic leather design