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Regal Rhapsody

Indulge in the allure of 'Regal Rhapsody,' as it showcases 20 Velvet Couture attires that transcend the realms of sophistication. This regal ensemble breaks traditional boundaries, introducing resplendent jumpsuits, dresses, and exquisite two-piece sets. We meticulously fashion each piece from the finest luxury velvet and adorn them with celestial lace. Every garment speaks of unparalleled decadence, as we enrich them with ornate gold details and sumptuous embellishments. 'Regal Rhapsody' embodies regality for those who covet a peerless expression of majesty. Immerse yourself in the lap of extravagance, where each piece resonates with the harmonious symphony of luxurious indulgence.

20 Results

Black Velvet Set - Elegant Gemstone Details on Blazer and Skirt
Black Velvet Ensemble - Stone-Embellished Blazer and Slit Skirt

Magniflux Black Velvet Set with Gemstone Details


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Sleeveless Short Black Velvet Dress with Gemstone Embellishments
Haute Couture Hat and Blazer Ensemble - Short Black Velvet Dress Elegance
Sleeveless and Strapless Black Velvet Dress
Long Black Velvet Gown - Sleeveless and Strapless Dress with Gemstone Details
Elegant Two Piece Black Velvet Dress - Luxurious Velvet Fabric and Gemstone Details
Stylish Black Velvet Ensemble - Two-Piece Dress with Gemstone Embellishments
Luxurious Green Velvet Ball Gown - Elegant Dress with Stone Embellishments
Long Sleeve Green Velvet Gown - Opulent Ballroom Attire for Special Occasions
Green Velvet Tea-Length Dress - Luxurious Gemstone Embellished Gown
High Neck Long Sleeve Green Velvet Dress with Waist Cutouts

Elysiana Green Velvet Dress with Gemstone Details

from €1,250.00

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Elegant Burgundy Velvet Dress
Luxurious Long Sleeveless Burgundy Velvet Dress
Burgundy Velvet Tea-Length Dress - Luxurious Evening Gown with Stone Embellishments
Elegant Burgundy Velvet Dress - Long Sleeve Cocktail Attire
Burgundy Velvet Jumpsuit - Luxurious Evening Wear with Stone Embellishments
Chic Burgundy Jumpsuit - Elegant Velvet Outfit for Special Occasions
Burgundy Velvet Dress - Luxurious Gown with Stone Embellishments
Burgundy Velvet Dress - High Neck, Deep Slit, and Majestic Cape Design
Elegant Short Purple Dress - Luxury Velvet Fabric with Silver Details
Chic Strappy Purple Cocktail Dress - Short Length for Stylish Occasions

Splendor Short Purple Dress with Silver Details

from €1,200.00

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Elegant Sleeveless Purple Dress with Silver Embellishments
Luxury Velvet Purple Dress for Special Occasions - Silver Details and Mermaid Silhouette

Luminosity Purple Dress with Silver Details


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Sleeveless Red Dress - Fashion Statement for Special Occasions
Sleeveless Dress - Perfect for Stylish Events

Bedazzle Sleeveless Red Dress with Silver Details

from €2,100.00

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Elegant Red Jumpsuit with Silver and Gold Details
Red Velvet Jumpsuit - Stand out in Style with Intricate Embellishments

Radiance Red Jumpsuit with Silver Details

from €1,600.00

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Luxurious Red Velvet Dress - Elegance and Glamour in Every Stitch
Chic Red Velvet Gown - Unveiling Opulence in a Stylish Ensemble

Brilliance Red Dress with Gemstones

from €2,400.00

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Elegant Sleeveless Red Jumpsuit - Gemstone Embellished
Luxury Red Velvet Jumpsuit - Sleeveless and Gemstone Adorned